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We help people lose weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and even manage type 2 diabetes. What's your motivation for visiting this website? Are you looking for help for yourself — or maybe for a friend, family member or someone in your office?



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New studies show that almost one in three adult Americans are obese and almost half our population is overweight. This has become an epidemic. Yet so many of us

Are you tired of the yo-yo?

Whether you are obese, or simply overweight, isn't it time for change? Read what people are saying about their successes with this health program. Pictures speak loudly, click here for our photo gallery.

This health program is not a diet

If you're looking for the next, new, fad-type diet or a pill you can take to shed your unwanted pounds — you've not come to the right place. This is not a diet; this is a lifestyle.


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What are your reasons for wanting to get healthy and lose weight? Do you want to fit into your clothes more comfortably? Do you want to extend your life and watch your grandchildren grow up? Or maybe you have type 2 diabetes and looking for an answer — any answer — to reduce your medication. Complete your health profile and take the first step to achieving optimal health.

We Can Help!

allow our health (and weight) to spiral out of control. We all know the elements of living healthy, yet we practice unhealthy habits and create unhealthy lives for ourselves and our children.
If this describes you or someone you know — you're not alone.
This is truly a behavioral change program using some simple tools to lead you to the healthy habits we all need to follow. This is where the life long changes take place. For more about this program, click here.
81 lbs in
4½ mo.!