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I’ve always felt that to be a doctor, you should also be a teacher. It was once said that, “Give a man a fish for a day, and you will feed him today, but teach him how to fish and he will feed his family for a lifetime”.  Doctor come from the latin word docere, meaning “to teach”.  I’ve always taken that to heart, and worked toward educating the people I serve.

Now I’ve started writing as well.  Below is a link to my first in a series of books, the first being on type 2 Diabetes and Hypoglycemia.

I also have begun video teachings on these books, as well as other health related topics, listed below.

Books & E-Courses

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

In eget sapien vitae massa rhoncus lacinia.

Teach (teach) 1. Give lessons 2. to bring understanding to someone 3. to impart knowledge.

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Learn how to help yourself create better health,  less sickness, even how to reverse poor health.  Learn how to prepare better foods, recipes,

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Stop and Reverse type 2 Diabetes

By Dr. Stephen W. Forbess

Learn how many have been able to help type 2 diabetes & hypoglycemia. Get tips and tools to get healthy and help lower medications safely.  The video e-course supplements the book and expands on the knowledge.

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