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A Reasonable Approach to Helping You Achieve Better Health!

What is “Good Nutrition” All About?

What we aim to provide at GoodNutrition.com is a high quality, reasonable approach to achieving improved health through the good things provided on this earth we live on.  Our environment has within in it the keys to giving our bodies the opportunity to achieve better health, longer life, and a high quality of existence, if we choose to use it.  I’m not trying to teach a lot of psychobabble, but am striving to make sense of what facts and research provides, balanced with a reasonable approach to making changes, that only experience and common sense can provide.

Common sense?

I understand that common sense is not so common, depending on the type of experiences we each have observed.  While I may not have the same common sense on the streets of Cairo, Egypt that a native has, I do have a lot of experience in good health and nutrition. When I first came out of college, a “newbie” to helping people, I had a laundry list of diet and lifestyle changes that would create the “ultimate” in health.   However, for many it was not workable or reasonable, because it  did not take into consideration the real world surrounding us.  It did not take into account many changing factors, nor did it take into account peoples faster lifestyles.  And not everyone had all day to grow, juice or prepare their meals in the “ultimate” manner.  So over a period of years I found adjustments people could make, and have improved health as a result.  I focused on simpler changes, taking into account differing and changing lifestyles.  More and more people were able to have improved health, and better lives as a result.  

A Balanced Approach

Good for you? Bad for you? Many websites quote what they see as horrible foods, food additives, chemicals put in foods and so on.  Were you to observe all the changes they recommend, it would be easier to live on a farm in Iceland, growing all your own foods, and cooking (or maybe eating raw only) yourself.  This is the only way you could satisfy most of the negative information out there on foods and food additives.  And even if you did that, you would still not be able to do everything they recommend!  So what to do?  The best and brightest in the “bad” things related to foods will make you feel that you could never could have a good life!  Hogwash!  We need a reasonable, balanced approach, that includes the available information out there, and realize that if we make improvements in what and how we eat, that our bodies will heal as they were intended to do, to help make our lives better!  Sometimes even making a single significant change for the better can add years to your life, and life to your years!

“Here at GoodNutrition.com, I will be giving you the best of what I’ve discovered,
through live and recorded teachings and writings, answering questions,
interviews with other knowledgeable Doctors, Physicians and other experts, and
showing you how to make changes more easily, so your life will be better!”

Dr. Stephen W. Forbess

“Our Environment has the KEYS to helping us overcome illness, giving us better health!”