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Restoring Life and Health to Your Body!

Dr. Forbess  has helped many with type 2 Diabetes over the many years of a nutrition practice.  And now he wants to help you!  Through the book, video course, and live webinars, he will give you the benefits of his experience, to help you to safely overcome this condition, and take back your life!  

Stop and Reverse Diabetes (type 2)

The book is NOW available at Amazon.com in ebook or print form.

Buy Book on Amazon >> Dr. Forbess gives an outline of the natural methods to help overcome this condition in a new easy-to-read format. Chapters are devoted to describing the condition, the most common causes in modern day society, as well as an overview of the various natural helps to help stop and reverse the forward progression of the condition.  The emphasis is what to do or give the body to allow it to help and heal the pancreas, which is the primary organ that doesn’t work well, causing type 2 diabetes.  The book is also great for hypoglycemics and pre-diabetics, as hypoglycemia and pre-diabetes are precursors to type 2 Diabetes.

Video E-Course

This breaks down the book into smaller pieces, to help the individual to learn the techniques described in the book.  Dr. Forbess has recorded over 13 short videos to comprise the course. Videos will be added, as the need arises, as Dr. Forbess wants the course to be as complete as possible. The videos are typically short, mostly around 20-30 minutes each. The point of the course is to make the book more understandable and user friendly. Additional resources are available, including notes that can be printed for each video, audio version of each video for those on the go, and a new section is being provided for great diabetic friendly food recipes, with the emphasis on including nutrients that help the pancreas to heal and build itself. (Still under construction)

GoodNutritionLIVE! Live and Recorded Webinars

At least once monthly, Dr. Forbess will have a live webinar.  The webinar will always have a teaching on a topic helpful to those with diabetes, or may include an interview with notable doctors.  Afterwards, Dr. Forbess will answer questions you have!  This is the way it works: When you have a question at any point in the months, or during the live webinar, use the form provided, and ask your health related question.  During the question phase of the webinar, Dr. Forbess will answer all the questions submitted since the previous webinar, as well as the ones submitted during the current webinar.  This gives you the opportunity to get answers to your questions, or to clarify a point from the video course or book you did not understand.  Dr. Forbess wants to help you get the most out of your road to wellness! (Still under construction)

Can Dr. Forbess speak to my group or convention?

Are you interested in having Dr. Forbess speak at your group or event?  Dr. Forbess speaks frequently in the community, in small or medium size groups, as well as conventions.
Please email us for more information at GoodNutritionLive@gmail.com.  Please include the
name of your group, your name, your telephone number, and date/time of your group meeting or event.  We will get back with you soon to let you know availability, etc. for Dr. Forbess!

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